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The EcoSmart system combination is environmentally friendly. These systems exceed the government-required minimum efficiency rating. They also help manage dehumidification making your home feel colder at higher thermostat set temperatures. This system is reliable and pocket book savvy.

Air Conditioning for Both Comfort and Cost Savings
With our single-stage EcoSmart central air conditioner, you can cut your utility bills yet still enjoy reliable whole-home comfort.

  • Single-stage operation allows longer, more consistent comfort cycles on low stage for savings and comfort
  • Enhanced summer dehumidification through single-stage operation
  • Sound as low as 72 dB (quiet as a vacuum)
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • DuraGuard™ Plus protection system
  • Environmentally-sound Puron® refrigerant

Enjoy Even, Indoor Temperatures as Outdoor Conditions Change
This gas furnace is energy efficient, whisper quiet and ultra-reliable. It provides extra-consistent comfort during the colder months and squeezes humidity out of the air during the hotter ones.

  • Enjoy evenly controlled airflow at reduced temperature swings
  • Two-stage operation allows longer, more consistent heating cycles on low stage for efficiency and comfort
  • Exceeds most brands’ top-of-the-line systems
  • Reliable E.C.M. blower
  • Smart learning thermostat
  • Lifetime heat chamber labor warranty

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